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Fill out the Caption Boxes

Note that these instructions are for the statewide forms.  The few 4th Judicial District specific forms have a bit of a simpler caption on the top, which still requires similar information.  Starting on the top left of the caption:

  1. Tick "District" court box.
  2. Write in County name.
  3. Write in Court address.  If El Paso County, it's "270 S. Tejon, P.O. Box 2980, Colorado Springs, CO  80901"  (This is also the mailing address if you have to mail in forms).  Click here to find the mailing address for other counties.
  4. Tick "the Marriage of" to indicate this is a divorce case.
  5. Write in your name next to the word "Petitioner" (assuming you started the case)
  6. Write in your spouse's name next to the words "Co-Petitioner/Respondent".
  7. Write your name, address, and other contact information in the box below "Attorney or Party without Attorney".  Leave the Atty. Reg. # blank.
  8. Fill out the case number and division(s) in the lower right caption box.  For the initial pleadings, the court clerk will stamp this information for you.  Use that same information for all subsequent pleadings.


Signature & Service Blocks


Signature.  Once you complete the form, there will be a place for your signature on the bottom of the form.  Some forms require your signature to be notarized.

Certificate of Service.  Most forms contain a Certificate of Service. Fill out your spouse’s name & address, and method of service.  Once you mail the form to him/her, sign that line.

Filing Pleadings at Court


Unless you have access to the Colorado Interactive Filing System (ICCES), the initial pleadings must be filed in person (in El Paso County it's in Room 105), as explained on the next page.

Most subsequent pleadings can be filed in person, or by mailing the pleading to the Clerk of Court at the court address.  You'll also need to mail a copy of each pleading to your spouse.

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